Like a knife knifed into one’s stomach, conspicuous in the oozing of blood, so the thought had gotten its way through me and oozed out my courage for living, when his finger pointed plump at me, with an austere yet encouraging look on his face, he firmly uttered; “king, put up a sketch for the program”. Dumbstruck by those words, as the task was a prime experience to me; I could only affix myself to the thought of impossibility.

download (1)So I endorsed the task unto a third party commendable in such a field. 

Getting to the heel of the program, seeking attention for a sketch to be written by this laudable figure but countered by excuses, my expectation was cut-off; I was left bemused as one up the creek without a paddle.

images (15).jpgIn aloneness and incapacitated with no one to turn to except from within, was the necessity to give vivacity to my ghost-courage to take on the self-judged irksome and daunting task. The knockback on my expectation helped empowered me to hunt the thought that I’d allowed to so pierce (5)

In isolation remembered I; the affixing of my heart unto my creator, my hands on-the-go to put in black and white contents worthy of a sketch.

images (13) Like a fountain so came forth ideas springing from mind unto paper, coining an eye-catching and ready to act sketch. Beheld by many, applauded in acting and edifying for living it came to be. Impossibility was only a ghost I’d feared and created. I can only look rearward to see how far I have gone hunting the ghost that haunted my abilities; and I can only say there is more in black and white to be seen on the horizon.

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MY WALK TO DOWN BEACH – LIMBE (The place of sea-fish)

From beyond, as I take a look rearward at my life in the city of Limbe (my home town), I can only admire a few places that have been fun, learnable and income generating; one of them being down beach. My walk to down beach has been more than just a walk; from my youth until when I became a man of my own. Different motives per times had accounted for my moves to down beach. Many have also embarked on this move especially for the latter motive of my walk to the place. As old as the arena is, its principal feature hasn’t changed for many decades; the presence of FISH. When you think “down beach”, you can’t help but think of one thing; FISH and of evolution per time has been an arrangement of the area, beautifying it for leisure as well as for the eating of roasted fishes.

images (6)
Down beach is located in the south west region of the country Cameroon, in a city known as Limbe (aforetime called victoria – 1858 to 1982 as founded by Alfred Saker, the British Missionary of the Baptist Missionary Society). Limbe means “the river that grows stronger as it flows, gains strength from tributaries as it heads to the sea”. Thus, Limbe is a river side city with down beach being proximal to the sea. Down beach is one of the touristic centres of the city Limbe, small in size yet extensive in commerce and leisure with its attractive force being the variety of FISH and diverse ways in which they are treated and made available to those who come around. Characterized by chilly sea breeze at night and day, beautiful scenario of the sea at day, traditional canoes engaged in the catching of fish and sales of the same at the shore,

images (10)people strolling or sitting in twos or crowd to get a feel of the area, settlement found around the area by those we call in the local language “alajas” (they were my favorite and most profitable customers). How did I start my walk to the place of sea-fish?

images (1)
When I was kid, I already had to an extent, a mind of my own; how to work and earn for myself and take care of certain things. However I needed help for the debut of this vivacious thought. My elder sister with her friends took me along during the summer holidays to one of the touristic sites of Limbe called the “Limbe Botanic Garden”. It had and still has so many tree bearing fruits but the favorite we gathered every morning, in the pidgin language is what we call “koulubang”, usually yellow in color, round or oval in shape and sometimes sour in taste. Coupled with this, we also gathered mangoes. When we got home, we washed them thoroughly and put on trays ready for sales. We moved around town selling this fruit but a favorite place we went for sales was at down beach. While we walked around the shore of the beach selling to those who exhibited small non-fishing commercial activities as well as those who bought the fresh fishes sold at the shore, our greatest sales actually came from the alajas who settled in the area.

images (5)
Now this was scary and today still is a little scary to me; I didn’t love entering canoes though I was forced to do so. Why? This is because some of the alajas settled on the other side of the tributaries created by the sea and the only way to get there is through a canoe. We entered into the canoe but each time I closed my eyes to avoid contact with the sea lest I fall into it; I was scared of the sea though in its calmness; I was scared of my eyes making a 3600 turn at sight of the sea so much as to cause me summersault into it. When we got to the other side, we went around the hurts and kitchens of the alajas, where they smoked the fishes caught from the sea. Some of them bought our fruit with cash as long as they could afford. Now this was the best part of the deal; some offered to trade in kind. They were ready to give us fish whether smoked or fresh for a given quantity of our fruit. This was actually trade by barter; I had not known of this until I studied it in “form 5” at the secondary school level. We happily took the fish exchanged and for sure, grandma’s pot of soup for the next day didn’t stand before our plates without some aquatic element beautifying both her pot and our plates. Hahahah… Yummy it was for that day. For sure she didn’t have to spend extra cash to spice her pot of soup with fish or to put “obstacles” (a common way to say your pot has is filled with meat or fish); we made that available. Our koulubang didn’t just earn us income but also gave us material benefit in the form of smoked or fresh fish from these set of persons. Fish especially tilapia was just so common in the area such that even the little children had no problem laying hands on it whether from the sea or from their barns.
When my elder sister retired from this hustling, I picked it up on my own and this lifestyle continued, with me making frequent summer holiday movements to down beach where I earned some income and also got my fruit exchanged for fish. It was a moment of struggle for independency and also to play a contributive role as a man in the house putting something on the table for the family. Besides, one will someday become a parent and as such the learning ought to start as early as possible. This for sure is lacking with many youths today and responsibility seems to be drifting away so fast. Down beach for a number of years made this sense of responsibility towards a contributive role for the family possible for me, as its plenitude of fish was never out of sight by the alajas in attraction to my koulubang. I was indeed a young hustler.
It didn’t actually end here; down beach still contributed to my income earning pursuit as I sold nylon to the fish buyers. Whenever they came to buy different kinds of fish, I walked my way to their side, offered them my nylon or bag wherein they had to put the fish bought. I was a hawker, not actually from a poor background with nothing to eat; but I was just overtaken by the spirit of fending for myself; trying to meet up to some of my needs by myself and also experimenting what life looks like hustling all by oneself. All these I considered to be a large part of the learning and yearning years of my walk to down beach.
For a large part of the last years and continuing, down beach has been a great area for reunion of families, friends, who sit together to get a feel of the environment, communing in one of the favorite spots called “boucaro”.

images (7)

This small spot is made up of small hurts of business persons who sell roasted fishes of high quality; such when eaten of, your hunger heightens to get back to the spot. The roasted fish vendors sell in collaboration with those selling soft and alcoholic drinks and the customers sit at the shore as they eat roasted fishes such as bar, tilapia, morocco, “kouta” with the sea breeze giving them a cool and gentle brush and sometimes entertainers touching their souls with sweet melodies pulled from the strings of their guitars. This recent scenario which has grown over the years has been able to draw many people from the different parts of the country such as the littoral and centre regions just so they come spend weekends or perhaps Sundays with families; and I haven’t been an exception.


This is the last aspect that has seen my walk to down beach; I go to down beach to take pictures and to eat of its roasted fish and this can be considered to be the earning years of my walk to down beach. It is a place to experience and for sure you will not regret spending a few of your dime and time getting a feel of the area with the savoury roasted fish and “miondo or bobolo (what is usually used in eating the roasted fish)” made available to you.

images (9).jpg

images (2)

This same for leisure and the piquant nature of the fish food, for the years to come and as the blessings abound, will continue to see my family and I making our way to down beach in the city of Limbe, Cameroon.


For the leaves of a tree to remain fresh and blossoming all the time, then it must likely be located around a river” (courtesy of Psalms 1:1)

Sometimes people fail because they major in minor things and minor in major things. You capitalize where you have the best of results; this means you don’t capitalize everywhere but somewhere. Everything or being itching for success must know the factors to major on and one of such factors for success is the inevitable reliance on environment. Everybody wants to be successful but what is your environment like in brining you that success? Take a fish out of water (sea), it dies. That is its ordained environment for distinction and living. What environment constitutes your lifeblood for living into success?

I define an environment as the sum total of factors that influence the life and activities of an individual or person. It is the condition(s) you live in and how it influences you. This brings an understanding that to a greater extent, man (you) is a product or function of his environment.
What really constitutes an environment? If the sum total of everything around you makes up an environment, it means the environment constitute living and non-living things. A large number of successful people in the world today were aided by other already successful persons as well as important or useful materials such as books and tapes. Therefore the living aspects of an environment comprises of everything that has breath especially human beings while the non-living aspects involves things such as books, tapes, having a vital role to play. Especially, the type of people you have around you will determine how far you will go in life. In other words, who are your companions in life?

The people you move with often will either do one of the following things to you and your future;

❖ Help in building you the right house (destiny) or destroy the right foundation you started for your house
❖ Stretch your visions or choke your dreams with negative thoughts.
❖ Fuel you with good knowledge or hinder your access to knowledge and keep you in the pit of ignorance.
❖ Help you see the bright future or facilitate the blurredness of your visions
❖ Take you a step further or two steps backward
❖ Turn you into a celebrity or reduce you to a nonentity.
❖ Challenge and push you to study or draw you into the pit of idleness and failure…..
And the list goes on and on.

Having the right people around you can also help introduce you to other useful non-living materials that can help to shape your life to give it meaning.

It is a tragic situation to keep the wrong people around you. With this notion, it is worth commenting that “the type of life you want to experience will determine the type of people you walk with”. It ought to be a conscious choice or decision to make. Meeting the wrong people in life by fortuitous contact happens occasionally and one can be considered blame-free. But to continue moving along with this set of persons now becomes unusual. The former was not a choice but something could have been done to reverse the situation; however, the latter is a conscious act hence, a choice.

When you know what you want, you need to choose correctly your environment.

Let’s take a case study of the savior Jesus Christ; while he was yet a little boy at age 12, He was already conscious of what He will be and so He started at that point to choose his environment. Luke 2;42-52 records a beautiful story of Jesus Christ and His parents after fulfilling the feast of Passover in Jerusalem and were on their way back to Nazareth. Jesus tarried behind and His parents went ahead supposing He was in the midst of the others. What actually happened? Jesus couldn’t get the resources his destiny needed from the multitude He was walking with so He had to break loose from that environment and be in an area where his vision will be stretched.

Like a prominent figure in my life will always say; “Spend more time where you receive than where you give out” (Rev. Etta A. Peter), author of RUNNING WITH A VISION and SPIRITUAL FATHERS AND SONS RELATIONSHIPS. Jesus was then found among the doctors in the temple; Luke 2:46 “And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.” But hold on a minute!! What will a 12 year old boy do with the doctors of the law in the temple? “…both hearing them and asking them questions”. What ingenuity portrayed! In some parts of our world today, this will be considered disrespectful as many will be prompted to make statements as “why do you want to run faster than your shadow? Or this is not where you are supposed to be; go meet with your age mates”. No!! You ought to know those who are inquisitive carry something greater than them and so it bubbles in the inside of them. As one who wants to go higher in life and get to the height of success, there is need to build relationships with people that are greater than you in terms of knowledge or age; people you can learn from (vertical upward relationships) and not only those in your age group or range (Horizontal relationships) but not taking their condescending nature for granted; rather treat it with respect. It can be your teachers. Jesus understood this at his tender age.

When Jesus sat among the doctors he increased in knowledge and He must have carried this mindset with Him until He reached the age of 30 when He began His ministry work. Now when He was given the opportunity to speak in the temple where He had once sat under the feet of the doctors to learn some years ago, the bible records that “doctors of the law” came from Judea, Galilee, and Jerusalem to hear Him speak “And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were come out of every town of Galilee, and Judaea, and Jerusalem: and the power of the Lord was present to heal them. Luke 5:17”. He sat and learned in Jerusalem but doctors came from 3 giant cities to hear Him teach. This is the kind of impact the environment you choose can play in your life and your career. No matter who you are yet aiming for success; a student, a businessman, teacher, etc. what is your environment composed of? Who have you decided to keep around you?

Excerpt from the book; THE HERITAGE I MUST GRASP

Anticipate the release of this piece


Yes! All I want to do is just to make it right now; like it is said one will either find a way or try to create one. This desperation can lead you do anything just to achieve what you want to achieve. You can be a student or any other person in life; and yes you have goals or desires you aim at. But as you try to reach such goals, there are things you shouldn’t try to do. One of such things has to do with hitting below the belt; don’t try this.

Reaching that goal is a contest. But when you try to win in an unfair manner, you are likely to take the laurel of success today but simultaneously inevitably inhaling the shame of failure for the future. Cheating will never take you to a blissful end; rather it leaves such end with a stain. Remember I said “end” and not “process”. You achieved the goal but that doesn’t mean all is ended; you need to sustain it. That’s what I call end. What if you are caught in the process of cheating? Hush! That will be quite so big shame and humiliation on your part.

As a student, it will be sarcastic for you to cultivate the habit of examination malpractices such as preparing materials to use inside the examination hall. Some do this because they never studied; please don’t be a part of it for it destroys your image and puts a lot of things concerning you on the bad side. Even if you aren’t caught right away, you can best judge how you got to where you are. I’m sure it is a good feeling you get when you think of it (contrariwise). While I was in form 2 in the secondary school, we had a history test to write. I had not studied and my last resort was to draw on a piece of paper, the different maps we were told to study. Unfortunately for me, I was caught during the test session. It was horrible for me as I was sent to kneel in front of the class and those who knew the teacher exactly understood what had happened to me when they saw me in front of the class as they passed from outside. Now this went a long way to cancel all my efforts and genuine individual high scoring records of other test sessions and subjects. It was inductively held by my classmates that all the other scores I had had been as a result of cheating during test and examination sessions. I will not try to justify myself; who would believe me safe me, myself and I? But that is just tip of how bad cheating can do to you. Summarily, as a student, cheating during examination has a lot of negative consequences such as;

➢ It leaves you with no integrity and moral rectitude
➢ It makes you become a target of mockery
➢ Sanctions that may delay your educational growth and spoil your possibility of engaging into other institutions. This is simply because schools work together in interconnectedness and so some may not be willing to take you when they find out such acts. It leaves a stain on your marketing image.
➢ It gives you a sense of practicing the same habit when you step up the ladder of life and war be tide you if you are discovered.
➢ It makes you lose the ability to give credit to yourself for personal upright efforts towards climbing the success ladder.
➢ It makes it difficult for you to defend your supposed achieved success or good result as the future unfolds. And many more….

Take your time, uphold honesty and proceed to greatness genuinely.

Courtesy of “The Heritage I must grasp”.
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I can’t swim,
I can’t climb,
I can’t sing,
I can’t dig,
I can’t ….
Does it really matters?

All the above activities are performed by particular elements; each being a uniqueness to that element and making the element useful in the domain of that uniqueness. If I can’t do certain things it doesn’t make me less of a vital personality; have you really considered my uniqueness? Do you judge me by your uniqueness?
If so then for sure I will be a billy-ho failure; but thank God it will only be so in your own eyes.

imagesBoy, girl, man, woman, father, mother..U are unique in your personality. There is something you carry that makes you distinct; explore it and make your mark in it. Never feel inferior; you are just so superior with your uniqueness. Step into your uniqueness; you are important, wonderful, and filled with the father’s glory to make your mark and impact felt with your uniqueness.


One of the factor for success is knowledge of your built-up and a conscious walk on that knowledge. As an individual you have an asset which is significant to you; its just like the intellectual property of a company yet useful in attracting many to that company. Stop making the mistake of trying to blend everywhere; it may only lead you to a more frustrated life. What is your uniqueness?

Wipe out that funny mentality of being inferior. The absence of knowing what you have empowers such thoughts and reduces the quality of life you can live.


Daniel served four generation of kings by using a uniqueness God gave him; “understanding of all dreams and visions” . Yes you can go ahead and acquire other abilities; but what are u doing with the one directly entrusted to you? That’s that’s largely where the mark is. Make use of your uniqueness. Even Apostle Paul understood this when he said “the gospel unto the gentiles was given to me” (Galatians 2:7). He knew his uniqueness and as such the special grace he carried. What is your uniqueness? This will help you kick out negative competition, degrading yourself as well as jealousy. I know where I stand; I remain imperturbable no matter what happens in that area. Know where you stand with your uniqueness.

Inspiration source; Daniel 1:17b
#KingPen’s teaching.


It has always been a thing of joy when i see two working together. Ideas combined draws inner strength and worth and result to a better atmosphere worth living for the two. The male and the female are meant to blend. I write this poem as a female promoter and gender equality actor, to express a deep call for a balance for better (IWD 2019). This was and still is the intention of the creator; God Almighty. Read with me and please do leave your comment if any. Thanks.

It was all in one plan, Arranged by the creator to make a blend, To manage all that was created and fitted on a perfect land, He indeed saw two in one as balanced for better.

A long aged story, To bring a perfect and glorious beauty by the blended party, In the created world and for a future much adorning, There was no better view than seeing balanced for better.

A breach on the plan to stop the reach, To a designed future so rich, To be handled by the male and the female with potentials so zenithal, It was now the commencement of a twist to the balance for better.

Communities changed the view, Certain institutions gave the view a blew, Gradually the balanced for better was now down in the dust, The joint effort by the blended party now seen to go to rust.

Certian took it upon themselves to reinstitute this pursue, To sustain the balanced for better between the female and the male, Their determination to see this ensued, Gave birth to the international women’s day, They did all to brave their way, To make the girls and women today have their say.

A day to strive unto recognition, Women embedded with cognition, Fueled with the same to translate from good to better, With that of the male all working together, For years advocated they, these two to nations’ success as an adder, In a moment like now came it with a mission of balance for better.

The need for more innovative ways, Surging through this pursue a ray of hope, Advancing gender equality to pertubate the promotion for a sway, Empowering the girls and women to close he loop.

Planet 50-50, A vision yet to be achieved by 2030, On the verge of not being reached, But at the mercy of the transformative shift, Women and girls not left behind in this success shift.

A call in this season, To think equal, In order to grow tall, To build smart, In a bid to stand out, To innovate change, To bring the needed transformation in this age.

Innovation and technology on call, Women and girls’ attention needed on board, Searched in the field of science but a few found, Technology, mathematics and engineering many not giving fonde, Women where art thou?

A look to industry leaders, A call to game-changing start-ups, A beckon on women innovators, Social entrepreneurs rising up, And Gender equity actors,

All in one cry in ways for technology and innovation, Creating a route to progress and acceleration, For gender equality and responsive social systems, Setting a space for the needs for the girls and women, To actively play their role to the nations’ growth, To achieving the sustainable development goals.

Girls and women where art thou? March 8th is here to bring many to the consciousness of their societal weight, A call to plunge into the game, To bring back balance for better, The international Women’s day 2019, A call to think equal, build smart and innovate change in its entirety, Think balance for better.